Monday, April 21, 2014

Week 3 - First Real P-Day

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Well, here I am, my first real p-day. We get an hour to email home and to check and see what others have sent us. It's nice to see that other people love me when I have more emails than my comp.

Well anyways, for the crazyness that existed since I last wrote, here is what happened.

I finished up my 12 day stay at the MTC in Joburg, Monday was filled with last minute instructions and reviews over everything and then on Tuesday, woke up at 4:30 and shipped out to Cape Town. The flight from Joburg to Cape Town only took 2 hours and was nice and peaceful. After landing we were met by the President and Sister Wood at the airport, along with the AP's. We went to the mission home, dropped off our stuff and then went for a tour of Signal Hill. Signal Hill is were the lighthouse used to be, once upon a time, and it has fantastic 360 views. Following that we ate and then called it a day. Wednesday was spent in training with President Wood and the AP's talking about the rules and how to be a better missionary. Following that, we left to our flat, got there and started cleaning. Even now, as I am writing this a week later, the flat is still not all the way clean, last elder had piles of stuff that he kept, It's way better now as my comp can attest to that.

That evening, we went and visited with A. It was his second time seeing the missionaries, and he was very enthusiastic about meeting with us. He is awesome, he believes in the bible and he loves Heavenly Father, but he doesn't believe in the BoM yet, we are working on that.

Other than that, we have been filling up our time meeting and talking with investigators and less active members in the ward. The ward has 570 and some odd people on the records, but less than 100 show up each week. So that is were we are going to concentrate our time for the first little bit. We want the ward to split by the time we leave.

That kinda sums up my time here, we have been crazy busy with going to meet people and setting appointments. And as a side note, we have 5 baptisimal dates so far, 4 before I got here and 1 since, which I extended to another investigator (that was way cool. Nate, you're going to love asking people to get baptized and then have them accept.).

And other than the fact that I have an ocean view from the flat, we get the best sunsets ever, the area is beautiful, the people are awesome, and we have a lot of work to do.

Pics are include, me and Elders M.and R. (MTC Comps) and our teachers

Me and MTC president and wife

Then transitioning to Cape Town, pictures from Signal Hill; Table Mountain

Lions Head, Cape Town city

Robin Island (Nelson Mandala's prison)

The world cup stadium

The harbor (we live on the opposite side of the harbor on the far left side in the distance)

More Table Mountain, more city

Then from the flat,the sunset

 Table cloth on Table Mountain (clouds coming over the top, going down)

Panorama from our flat


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