Thursday, April 17, 2014

Letter From the Mission President

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Dear Family of Elder Rasmussen,

Elder Rasmussen arrived in SACTM (South Africa Cape Town Mission) on April 15th with Elder S. of his MTC group.  We brought them to the mission home, where they ate lunch. We drove to Signal Hill for a short introduction to Cape Town, and the history of the church here. They received orientation of various kinds most of that day, ate dinner and spent the night at the mission home.  Wednesday after breakfast, they were assigned to their areas, and introduced to their trainers.  Elder Rasmussen's companion is a South African convert, Elder Sw.  They seem to be equally hard-working, educated, and strong-minded, so it should be a good companionship.  We expect great things from them.  We will allow Elder Rasmussen the privilege of informing you of his area assignment, and the events of his first week when he writes on his Monday P-day.  Due to time differences, it would be best if you would write him on Sunday, so he will be sure to receive your news in a timely fashion.

Some of the photos were taken at Signal Hill during the orientation; it was an extremely windy day, as is apparent from the condition of Sister W.'s hair.  :  ) However, it was the best picture of everyone else, so we included it anyway.

Companionship photos were taken at the mission home.

Elder Rasmussen is pictured also with Elder Sw. and his trainer, former AP, Elder O.

In one of the group photos taken at the mission home, you will see three AP's (including outgoing Elder O.), four recently-arrived Elders, and the trainers of Elders Rasmussen and S.

The last photo is your son with Elder S.

President and Sister W.


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