Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 4 - Milnerton

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Here we go from a little hole in the wall internet shop.

This week has been insane!

There has been so much work done and it is so busy. We are constantly busy and running from one appointment to another. Yesterday, Sunday after church, we had three appointments, and that was taking it easy, super easy.
I realize now that I have not explained any about where I am and who my companion is. I am serving in a suburb of Cape Town called Milnerton. The people here are awesome and I love it. Ever since day one we have been busy. My companion, my dad, is Elder Sw.. He is from Pretoria, South Africa, so he is teaching me a lot about life here in the RSA. My flat is about 1 km from the beach, so we get the best views of the ocean and the BEST sunsets. The ward has 120ish active members, and over 550 on the ward list, so we have a lot of work to do.
As far as news goes, we have Three baptisms this week, so we have a lot to do to prep for those. We also have 10 more baptisms lined up for June 15th. Those are ones that we have set so far. Hopefully all get baptized and follow through on commitments, but we will see. In other news, President W. is starting to wrap up stuff here in SACTM in preperation for President M., our new mission president who will be coming in sometime, I think, in June/July.

Sorry for not having any pictures today, I forgot my camera back at the flat. I will send more pictures next week, including the best sunset that I have ever seen.


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