Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 8 - Hiking Table Mountain

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Well, this week was better than last, but I still feel like it wasn't as good as some of our first weeks. Monday was of course, P-Day. We did our shopping for food and such and then visited with G and M. Hopefully soon M will receive the Mecheldisick?sp Priesthood, but that will be about a year down the road.

Tuesday we met with the M family. What a rollercoaster that family is. Some of our best investigators, but they drink and smoke waaayyy to much. Had a few other appointments, found some new people to teach and yeah, that was Tuesday.

Wednesday we had a down day, all of our appointments fell through for some reason or another, so we had to go and see how many people we could add to our teaching pool. It stunk though.

Thursday was spent visiting with less active members in our area, spent the whole day doing that, and it was really good.

Friday, we met with the S family, they are a family that are wanting to join the church, even though they have been eternal investigators. We will see what we can do to get them coming.

Saturday was busy, almost straight through, only one, one hour break the whole day. Busy, Insane, Stressful, Tiring, but those days are the most rewarding days of any days on mission.

Sunday was like usual, very good. The appointments held and we taught so much.

Today, Monday, I woke up at 4am. I know, I'm crazy but it was so that we could catch the sunrise from the top of Table Mountain. It was awesome, and pictures are down below.

So from South Africa, with love

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 7 - Ankle Injury

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Well, here comes the garbage can and crap associated with that. I'm kinda in a Oscar the Grouch kinda mood this whole week. It sucks. It sucks because I had to go to the hospital. So this means that it is story time. Three Saturdays ago, I was playing basketball with the other elders. We had the zone leaders and the AP's there as well as our entire district. I went in for a drive, got the point, and then came down on top of one of the AP's foot. Right then there was the loudest pop that I have ever heard come out of my ankle, and it felt like I had just sprained it. It hurt and I thought 'I'll just work through it like any other sprain/ankle roll.' That being said, I got a brace for it and was using that through the week.

The following Saturday, we had a lesson with some investigators at night time and it went well, and then I rolled it again on some of the uneven gravel, stepping from the sidewalk onto that. That following Tuesday, last Tuesday, I went in and saw the doctor and they said that I have to stay off of it until this Friday. They gave me some drugs to help with pain and the inflammation, but they haven't been doing anything, like usual. So my week has been really uneventful, other than we had some training with President Wood on Monday night and then had my first exchange on Saturday with Elder Wells. Long story short Elder Wells is awesome.

So in apology, I didn't take any pictures this week because I've been stuck in the flat with really nothing to do than to read my scriptures, read conference talks, and sleep. :/ It really has been the worst week I've had out here so far.

Anyways, enough about me. Send my regards to Bishop P. and say Hi to him for me.

In response to your questions mom, yes, teaching is going well. Discouragement is definitely something that we have to deal with on a daily basis as missionaries. As far as negative reactions to the missionaries go, the worst we have had is people saying no. Most of the work that we are doing right now is member referrals and less active work. We have kept busy enough with that, that we haven't needed to go tracting yet. People here are receptive to the Christian parts of our message but we lose a lot of them at the Book of Mormon. So I would say they are mostly receptive. And thanks for the picture, I'm sure that will serve me well somewhere down the road.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 6 - Best Week So Far

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Well, this week was a blur and it was so hectic, but it by far was the best week that I have had on mission yet. As far as actual teaching went, we didn't have that many lessons, but the ones that we did have were quality. Quantity vs quality (I personally prefer quality). It has been fun to get to associate with some of the people here in Milnerton. We have been using only one or two people to go out and teach with us. We want to be using more, but people aren't that willing to go with us. Hopefully that will change soon.

One of the things that we have been doing is visiting the old folks home because we have two less active members there, and in the course of visiting them, we are starting to visit other people that live there as well.

In other news, I had my first word of wisdom lesson and I was not sure how that was going to be received by them. It went way good, I was even impressed at how willing they are to wanting to live the word of wisdom. They smoke, drink alcohol and coffee, and they want to change. I think that kind of wanting to change is awesome!

In teaching one of our other investigators, we have found out by a round a bout means that he is actually a pastor for a local church. It was kinda funny when Elder Sw. and I realized that, but we are going to continue teaching him, and hopefully he will come to church soon.

Other than that, this week has been busy and good, but also full of disappointment. Many of our lessons fell through without offering a reason for that. But I guess, I'll take what I can get. Our other lessons that held were amazing and uplifting, and the Spirit was definitely there as we taught. Also, I loved being able to skype home and to see everybody, the only thing that I have to say to that to maybe make it work better next time is, It was working, leave it alone and let it work. But it was good in any case and I enjoyed talking to the family.

Take care and I'll talk to you all later

PS, sorry for no pictures this week. I've found out that I'm not really a photographer that likes to document everything. Anyways, love you all.

(But we snagged a screenshot from his Mother's Day Skype call, so there is a picture anyway!  It was great to see his grin and see that he is happy and doing well.)

Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 5 - First Baptisms

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My week was awesome! nuff said (aka, I'm going to keep it short and sweet)

I'll just take it day by day, the short version, highlights n such.
Monday (April 28) was p-day, went shopping and such. Visited with the Brown's for FHE.
Tues, we met with Jacques and his family, he and his family are very excited about the gospel.
Wed, one of our busiest days so far, first appt. was at 11:30am, last at 8pm, and only had a half hour for lunch in the middle somewhere there.

Thurs, met with Johannes, he got baptized on Sunday.
Sat, all but one of our appts. fell through, lucky we had backups that worked out.
Sunday. Freaking INSANE.... Mtgs, before church, at church we had a member of the 70 teach us, 8 of our investigators were at sacrament mtg, and afterwards, all three of our baptismal candidates got baptized! And then the whole night was a blur, because it was so busy.

Anyways, this week was busy and it was awesome! So many emotions come to mind when I think about people accepting the invitation to get baptized. It was awesome to see how baptism changes peoples lives.

And looking forward, mothers day is this upcoming Sunday, I'm going to try to call home at Noon on Sunday, that would be 8pm here, so that is when I'll try.