Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 5 - First Baptisms

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My week was awesome! nuff said (aka, I'm going to keep it short and sweet)

I'll just take it day by day, the short version, highlights n such.
Monday (April 28) was p-day, went shopping and such. Visited with the Brown's for FHE.
Tues, we met with Jacques and his family, he and his family are very excited about the gospel.
Wed, one of our busiest days so far, first appt. was at 11:30am, last at 8pm, and only had a half hour for lunch in the middle somewhere there.

Thurs, met with Johannes, he got baptized on Sunday.
Sat, all but one of our appts. fell through, lucky we had backups that worked out.
Sunday. Freaking INSANE.... Mtgs, before church, at church we had a member of the 70 teach us, 8 of our investigators were at sacrament mtg, and afterwards, all three of our baptismal candidates got baptized! And then the whole night was a blur, because it was so busy.

Anyways, this week was busy and it was awesome! So many emotions come to mind when I think about people accepting the invitation to get baptized. It was awesome to see how baptism changes peoples lives.

And looking forward, mothers day is this upcoming Sunday, I'm going to try to call home at Noon on Sunday, that would be 8pm here, so that is when I'll try.


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