Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 8 - Hiking Table Mountain

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Well, this week was better than last, but I still feel like it wasn't as good as some of our first weeks. Monday was of course, P-Day. We did our shopping for food and such and then visited with G and M. Hopefully soon M will receive the Mecheldisick?sp Priesthood, but that will be about a year down the road.

Tuesday we met with the M family. What a rollercoaster that family is. Some of our best investigators, but they drink and smoke waaayyy to much. Had a few other appointments, found some new people to teach and yeah, that was Tuesday.

Wednesday we had a down day, all of our appointments fell through for some reason or another, so we had to go and see how many people we could add to our teaching pool. It stunk though.

Thursday was spent visiting with less active members in our area, spent the whole day doing that, and it was really good.

Friday, we met with the S family, they are a family that are wanting to join the church, even though they have been eternal investigators. We will see what we can do to get them coming.

Saturday was busy, almost straight through, only one, one hour break the whole day. Busy, Insane, Stressful, Tiring, but those days are the most rewarding days of any days on mission.

Sunday was like usual, very good. The appointments held and we taught so much.

Today, Monday, I woke up at 4am. I know, I'm crazy but it was so that we could catch the sunrise from the top of Table Mountain. It was awesome, and pictures are down below.

So from South Africa, with love


  1. My son, Elder Mendenhall, will be entering SA MTC September 18th! We are excited for him to join SACTM!!!

    I am hoping to promote a way for missionary moms to keep in touch and support/lift each other!!! I found this a Facebook website.

    Any other suggestions!!!

    Many more prayers coming your way!


  2. Wouldn't that Facebook group be great if they kept it up to date? If you find something current, I would love to know! The only thing James has really said is to make sure you take lots of underthings meant for hot weather (like 10-15 pair). The Distribution Center in Johannesburg takes a long time to get things out. Best of wishes to you and your son.

    -Janette (James's mom)