Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week 9 - Still in Milnerton

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Well, here it is. I survived transfers. I'm still in Milnerton, big surprise to me there. Actually, I'll probably be here for at least another transfer. This week felt like we weren't doing anything, because I'm expecting the days where I have nine hours of appointments, and where I feel dead tired when I get back to the flat after a long day of teaching.

This past week was the first time that we dropped somebody. Dropping somebody means that we stop teaching them. We decided to drop him until later in the month because he was so argumentative, and the spirit can't be where there is contention. We are continuing to meet with our regular investigators, and are seeing what we can do as far as getting them to baptism. Not next week, but the week after, we have two more baptisms scheduled, and then we have one more for the week after that, they (the first two) do their baptismal interviews this Saturday. So we are hoping that all works out there!

I do have to say, I miss the ward at home. It just ran so smoothly and worked. The ward here is struggling a little bit right now, but we are lighting a few fires under some of the ward members, and they are wanting to change the way the ward is run. Hopefully the rest of the ward will follow suit.

So this week, even though it didn't feel like we did much, it has been the most productive week so far. We taught the most lessons, reached all of our goals except two, and had an awesome week.

So long from SA


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