Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 14 - New Mission President

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Well Hello Everybody!

This week was an awesome week! In other words let the insanity continue! We had a ton of lessons this week, several new investigators, and lots of members that were visited. We have several investigators that are so ready and accepting of the gospel, it is awesome! I wish all that we met were that ready. 

In other news, the mission just got a new mission president, President M. He came here on the first of July and is taking over from President W. Pres. M., I found out, is a retired Chaplin LTC in the Air Force, so that should be interesting. 

Also this past week, the air base has been quite busy. Several C130's have been taking off and landing at the strip, so it is reminding me of home. BTW, these are pictures from the church of a C47 that has been taking off all day long (Table Mountain in the background).

I also had the opportunity to go on some exchanges this week, which were kinda cool, but not like my companion. This week is also transfer week! So we will find out tonight what and where we are going if anywhere.

Thank you all for the emails, even if I don't reply due to limited time. Love you all, and I'll report back next week


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