Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 18 - 6 Baptismal Dates

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Wow, this week has flown by so quickly. There was so many things that we did and things that I learned. We had the most productive week, even though we didn't teach that many lessons. We found so many things to do to keep us busy, service for everybody it feels like. But it has been so much fun!

In mission news, we have so many people who are just ready for baptism. Out of all the people we are teaching, we have 6 baptismal dates! That is huge, especially when you consider that it takes a bit of planning and preparation to get to the point where you can even extend a date. And it looks like all of them are going to hold. I hope all of them will get baptized. I love what I am doing! It is so much work and heartache, but it is so awesome when you have an amazing lesson with some good commitments.

Elder Malpage and I have been getting along so well. I love serving with him. He and I are more like brothers than companions. We have had so much fun and it really is enjoyable to just have fun with him. I'm going to miss him when if transfers hit us.

Oh, and another thing that I love about South Africa, I don't have to learn a language, but I have been picking up some Zulu and some Xhosa (the clickey one). It's way cool to talk with some people about the gospel in other languages.

I love the gospel and what it has done for me and how much I have learned while I've been out. It is really just about the small things. The small things are what are going to get us back to heaven someday. None of this deep doctrine stuff, although it is kinda cool to learn about, it isn't going to lead us to salvation. I love the gospel and what it stands for!

Anyways, till next week


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