Monday, August 11, 2014

Week 19 - Service at the Farm

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This week has been amazing! I have had so much fun with Elder Malpage. We haven't had the most busy week as far as teaching goes, but we kept busy. We spent most of our week doing service or visiting with the members because almost all of our appointments dropped. I hate it when appointments drop, but people have their agency and there is nothing that I can do about it. I think once I realized that, mission got so much easier. I love just having a little bit of time that is not so busy busy and rushed.

On Saturday, we went out to the Dibbon's farm and did a day full of service there. That was really fun to go out and help them. They are such an amazing family. And we had an awesome time there. I really enjoy this ward and the people here.

Nate, enjoy the times that you have with your companion when it is a little slow, but find something to do. Keep busy and the Lord will guide you to things that you can do. Not everything you do will be with investigators. Make sure you work just as much with the members, as you work with those you are teaching. If you don't have a good ward/branch, getting people into the church will mean absolutely nothing if they don't stay strong. You are going to leave that little island of yours and the only people that they will have is those in the unit there. Members are awesome, especially when you can get them to come teach with you. (and if they like you, they will feed you:) )

The church is so true and it becomes more and more amazing every day that I am learning about it.
Anyways, until next week,


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