Monday, September 1, 2014

Week 22 - Taking the Work to a Whole 'Nother Level

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Well, this week has been just like any other week. But it has been more awesome! I love being on mission and love serving with the people here in South Africa! It has been fun to get to know the area a little bit better, that and I love doing what I am doing! Last week, for P-day we went an saw the beach from the pier. There was a guy doing sculptures in the sand and it was was cool! We went bowling with all of the other missionaries in PE, and all got destroyed by my companion.

In other news, this week, we had Zone Conference with our zone and Kwano zone. We had Elder Cook, President of the area presidency there with us to train us and to help us become better missionaries. We also found out that our mission is getting a member of the twelve coming to visit us as missionaries in October, so we are all gearing up for that. As it is, the mission is undergoing a durastic change in the attitude of the missionaries ans how they are doing missionary work. It was kind of sad when I got here, because there were so many disobiedent missionaries, and it all has changed already with president Merrill. He has taken missionary work to a whole 'nother level. And it is way awesome, and scary at the same time. The mission is getting way young because over half of the missionaries are leaving home at the end of their missions. So the attitude of the mission is changing more and more, and younger and younger missionaries are getting the opportunities to be the leaders.

Mission has been so much fun and I love the opportunity that I have had to meet with and learn from the people here. I've learned so much about myself and about the gospel in this short time that I have been out. I love it so much and I don't think that I would ever trade it for the world.

I love all you guys


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