Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Week 26 - Six Months Out!

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So this week flew by and it it crazy to see how fast it went. I didn't think that it would go that fast, but it has. And it felt slow too, but we actually had quite a busy week with everything that has been going on. It's so weird that I've been gone for 6 months already. It hasn't sunk in yet. I'm 1/4 done with my mission. It's still strange to me, but we will see how everything is going when we get there.

I'm looking forward to this month and dreading it at the same time. We only get to go to sacrament meeting once this month, so it's going to be a busy month. Week 1 is going to be confrence, which we will be watching live for most of the sessions(Sat AM starts at 6pm here) so we will try to watch it all. Second week is going to be sacrament meeting as normal. Third week is going to be stake confrence. Fourth weekend starts with Elder Bednar on Saturday for a missionary training, then Presiding Bishop Stevenson will be the General Authority coming to visit us on Sunday! So it is a packed month. Looking forward to it and all that I'm going to be feasting on! I can't wait. It is going to bee good. As far as confrence, Mom, part of it is going to be live, part of it is going to be tape delay. And yes, I would like a copy of the Ensign when you get one.

Today is going to be fun as well, as we are going to the VW factory in Uitenhage to tour it and to drive brand new VW's and Audi's on the test track that they have there. I'm looking forward to that. It will be fun!

I'm also looking forward to the 9th of November, as that is our next baptisimal date, so hopefully everything stays on course there! So far we have TWO for that day!

This week's word is Molo, which means hello! Nice traditional greeting.

(Mom Xhosa is pronounced with a click (like clucking to a horse) first then 'hosa' (X, C and Q all have a different click (it gets confusing sometimes)))  (Ask Alyson, she should still be able to tell you how to say it:).

I love the gospel and what it has done for me, and I'm glad that my family is a forever family!


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