Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 29 - Mail Strike

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Well, here we are for another week in the life of a missionary in South Africa. This week has been awesome, I've really enjoyed working and being in the field with our investigators. We have had some really good lessons, and have a few of our investigators really solidly progressing towards baptism. Our first date is on the 9th of November, so it is coming up quite quickly. I'm super excited and he is ready for it! We kept busy and it was really nice from the down turn last week.

In other news, This weekend is going to be AWESOME!!! We found out that it is Elder Cook that is coming to speak to the missionaries. And then on Sunday, we get to hear from Bishop Stephenson. It is going to be a good week. I'm looking forward to it! Part of me wishes that the area that I am in is a little bit more productive, but it is a really slow area. We work and work and try to get things done. I recently found out that there were missionaries before me that they would only have two or three lessons per week here. So when we are having almost 20 lessons a week, we are doing good and enjoying it.

I have to clarify for Trent about the burning tie thing goes something like this. When you reach your six month click day (missionary birthday) you burn a tie, when you reach your year click day, you burn a white shirt, when you reach your 18 month click day, you burn a pair of pants, and just before you go home, normally when you are at the mission home just before you come home, you burn a suit.

Mission traditions are the best, so we will have to see where that one takes me with the use of fire:).
Also, if anybody has sent me letters, I haven't gotten them because there is a mail strike here in SA. No mail is getting through, and it is in such a backed up state, even though they are trying to do their best with the mail that they have, and it is backing up, like nobodys business.

The pictures that are coming are of the awesome skies and clouds.

 A super yummy breakfast that we had (crepes and fresh strawberries)

 Some fun that I had with my nametags

 A nature reserve that we went to and explored

Love you all and talk to you next week


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