Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 31 - Family History

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This week has been awesome! I really enjoyed it and our district is awesome! I love the chance that I've had to be here in Lorraine. We have found out that there is two transfers between now and Christmas, so this next one is going to be super short, and the next one is going to be eight weeks long. That is going to stink so bad. It's going to be a long transfer over Christmas.

As far as Halloween went, it is really not that big here as it is in the states. We saw a few people dressed up, but there was not any trick or treating going on because of all the crime that is here with being out on the streets after dark.

The work here in SACTM during the summer here is slow. Most people are away from home and they those that are home don't want to meet with us, and that makes work slow for us. But it goes, even how slowly it goes. Planting seeds stinks sometimes, but we have to remember that without the planting, there is no reaping the rewards from that. And we think that all of missionary work is just working on the reaping, but there is also the part of working with the ward, and building the ward. There is a lot to do that is not what most people think is "missionary work". So that is fun, we have to be creative, it keeps us busy.

One of the ways that we have been reaching out is through family history. So we have done a lot of work with familytree on and with some of the programs that are there. One of the coolest ones that I've found is at It shows how you are related to people, and that is how I have found out that Elder Neil L. Anderson is my third cousin, once removed. And in some way, I'm related to all of the prophets, and a ton of other people. So that has been cool, and I wish that I had more time to do Family history.

In other news, rolling blackouts are back.... It sounds like those are normal in SA for about 5 hours at a time. So we came back to our flat yesterday with no clue, and the power was out. Luckily, we had flashlights, and we were still able to function for a little while before the power came back on. It was all fun, and was a good drill in being prepared.

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