Monday, November 24, 2014

Week 34 - Golfing by the Ocean

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This has been amazing!! It has been so much fun and busy! Before I forget, Nate, Johannesburg is abbr. to Jo-Burg, not JBurg. I forgive you though, because you aren't in SA (which btw is the best mission in the world!).

We have been busy every day, with so many lessons. And our fellowshipers here are awesome! We routinely get a call from the young men in our ward in the morning asking if we have any lessons, and then they fight over which one is going to come with us, so more than not, we have multiple fellowshipers with us when we go to lessons. Booyah! Our branch is doing well too. It is a lot smaller than any of the other units that I have been in.

Our P-Day was awesome today! Hence the reason that I'm emailing so late. We went and spent the day golfing. I had a moment on the course where I was like, I'm golfing. In Africa! It was so awesome! We totally spent like four hours just messing around on the course. That and we lost like five golf balls a piece. It was a nasty hard course, but it is way fun. It overlooks the ocean for most of it, and it is so beautiful. I'll send pics when they come. I'll upload them when I have more time on the computers (so like next week or something like that.)

That and townships are awesome to work in. There is just something about them that I missed while I was in Lorraine. That and Elder Branch is awesome! I'm so bummed that this transfer is only four weeks long. But that is the way that things happen sometimes.

Besides golfing, we went exploring and things like that. So much fun, so more to do.

Till next week


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