Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 35 - Start Filling Up the Font

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Well, this week has flown by! We have been super busy and it has been way fun. Thanksgiving was really fun, it was just us and the Wheeler's, and we had a normal American Thanksgiving dinner. That was nice and delicious.

Mom, as far as you were wondering, in the branch, has about 300 on the records, but only about 40-50 attend on a normal Sunday. Some weeks as low as 10, but that all depends on the weather.

Here is the quick recap of the week:
Monday, we went golfing. It was awesome! So beautiful. And it was a flipping hard course. We borrowed Pres. Wheeler's clubs and went. It was only $5 to do 18 holes. So cheap here. Then had a few lessons that evening.
Tuesday, had some awesome lessons, busy full day of proselyting.
Wednesday, Just another insane day in the life of a missionary.
Thursday, in the morning we were helping Soso (one of the young men in our branch) build his 'bommer' which is where he will stay during his stay in the bush. Then in the afternoon, we had some nice solid lessons.
Friday, we spent the morning building another 'bommer' for Sinallo for his stay. District meeting was fun, especially when you only have your companionship and the senior couple in your district. Then everything that could possibly go wrong went wrong. We didn't have a single lesson for the rest of Friday, just a bunch of visiting people who didn't really want to see us at all.
Saturday, we had the branch Christmas party! That was a whole lot of unorganized African fun/stress/I didn't know what was going on, but it was fun none the less.

Lots of missionary work done, and it is awesome!
Spoiler! We are going to have a baptism on Sunday, with more in the dear future! So awesome! And that means that we need to start filling up the font when we have a few minutes of spare time :)

Love you all!


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