Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 36 - Staying in Port Alfred

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Molo Unjani!!

Well, the time has come once again for transfers. But that will come later, first the good news!
So on Sunday we had a baptism! It was awesome to see and be a part of! Sister Beauhla will be an awesome addition to the ward! She is from Zim, and has an awesome family. Hopefully she will be able to pull the rest of the family along with her! It was such an amazing Sunday!

Next week I have been asked to speak in church, so that will be interesting. The topic that I've been given is 'keeping Christ in Christmas' so that will be really good. The week after that we have Elder Cook of the 70 coming to visit us and to speak in church.

We have had some really good visits this week. On Friday, we had the zone leaders down to visit us and to go on exchanges, that as really fun and informative, the only problem to that is that we get Friday's and Saturday's appointments done, so on Saturday we had a pretty slow day. We still are working hard here, and the branch is awesome! I would not mind if this area was one of my six month areas. That and I don't have my planner, so I can't remember exactly what happened, other than it was a good week an I really enjoyed it. So this week is a nice and short email, but next week it will be better.

So now the info that that everybody wants, I get another trip to PE!! BUT, I'm just going there to drop off Elder Branch, because he is going to Tableview in Cape Town, and to pick up my new companion, Elder Weber, who is coming from Zwide (in PE). So this is going to be an interesting transfer, eight weeks long so that will be fun.

I love christmas music!! the branch made a cd and we have been listening to that almost non stop since we got it.

And here are an assortment of pics from this week. From the sunsets, to the toposcope, to the baptism.


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