Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43 - Helping Some Come Back to Church

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Well, this week has been awesome! And it has been a really busy week! I love being busy. Having nothing to do stinks... I'm glad that it was a productive week. I love being a missionary. It was really amazing to see the branch function without President and Sister Wheeler. The members are capable, and when we trust them, they rise up to the bar and perform like it was second nature to them. It was also amazing to see close to the same attendance at church, but even better, our Less Active numbers are going down! It really works! People do love the gospel and they just need somebody there to tell them that they are missed, and then all the sudden, they start coming back to church and everybody is like 'We missed you. Where have you been? What can we do for you?' It is truly humbling to see the members rally around the less active and invite them back to church.

One of my Spiritual Highlights for week comes from when we were meeting with a new investigator that Brother N., the first counselor in our branch presidency, referred us to. The lesson that we had with him about the restoration and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God was really amazing. He is one of those that has definantly been prepared to hear the message of the Gospel and it is amazing to work with him!

I love the Gospel. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Xhosa for this week is "landuka". It literally means... well nothing, signal processing, I'm thinking. It is a space filler. Closest translation to English would be "um". It's a great word to say the least.

And Nate, pineapples for a dollar? That's nice, how bout the picture for nothing (courtesy of the pineapple farm).

Other news, Game parks are awesome!!! Petting Giraffes is way cool. Zebras are funny, especially the ones that think that they are photogenic.

Anyways, Till Next Week
Love You All

Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 42 - Weekend in East London

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I'm still not used to this whole 2015 thing... It is a burden sometimes...

This week was just another witness that the Lord really loves his children and that He leads and guides the church! The attendance at church this week was again almost double of what it has been. It was only five less than what we had last week! We are still working hard, and hopefully we will see the number of our less actives dwindle down and die. But that just means that they are going to be active members once again! It really is amazing to see how the members rally around others and how we can really use the church as a strong point.

So other than our week being basically insane, it was really good. And throw into the mix, we had zone training and interviews on Saturday in East London. So that means that we had to leave here on Friday evening, drive two hours, then sleep over, have training, then drive back, and then right back to appointments! Crazy week, but it has been really rewarding!

Thank you everybody for keeping me in touch with what is going on back at home.

I love you all!!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 41 - Great Attendance at Church

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This is weird, I still don't feel like it should be 2015.

Mom, before I forget, I got both packages that you sent on Jan 7, so this past week, and both of them were really well received! They were awesome! So it takes about a while to get mail here, but I do love receiving it none the less!

In other news, this week was absolutely crazy! We were so busy and it felt really good to be that busy. It was just pushing the line of being almost too unbearable, but it was just this side of it. We were in double digits for member present lessons again, (that always feels good to be that high), and we had 12 Recent Convert lessons, and 20 Less Active lessons! Elder Weber and I didn't think that is what really happened this week, and we had to add up the stats twice a piece, and the answer came out the same all four times that it was added up. We also on Friday had exchanges with our Zone Leaders. They were so fun to be with and we did a ton of work with them, so it was really nice to have them here. I think that might be partially the answer for why our week was so busy! We had so many lessons and it was rewarding to see the payoff on Sunday. Normally we have about 45-50 people at Sacrament Meeting, and on Sunday, we had 75! Of those 22 were Less Active and it was really awesome to see them come to church! Oh, and in addition to that, (a background story first) time to people here in South Africa is really an elastic kind of thing. You say 10:30 and it can mean anything from 10:30 to Noon, so we struggle to get people there to church on time. That being said, on Sunday, we had all of our young men there before Church started, and three of them were there 30 min before so that they could prepare the sacrament! So amazing and powerful!

And this week, on Sunday, at the Wheeler's for our Sunday Dinner, we got to see the Silcox. They were one of the senior couples that was in PE while I was there, so it was fun to see them again.
This transfer has been way fun and exciting, and I'm excited for the rest of the three weeks to see where that takes us!

Love you all!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 40 - Happy New Year!

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Well, Happy New Year!!

This is going to be an interesting year full of awesome stuff that is going to happen. This new year is full of lots of exciting potential. I'm happy because we have done a ton of finding since the new year started, and we had a bunch of new investigators at church after only one lesson during this past week. I love working with them and seeing the light in their eyes as they learn! And we also had a ton of recent convert and less active lessons this week, even with the holiday. (We weren't supposed to proselyte except for fixed appointments, but the truth is, there was nobody here, and those that were here were all drunk beyond imagination.) It was boring to say the least. It is nice now that holidays are over, because people are coming back, and that means that we are doing a whole lot more teaching. No Teaching, No Fun. Lots of Teaching, Lots of Fun.

And in other news, Sister B., the person that was baptized in December finally got confirmed on Sunday! It was so awesome and fun to see her receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and to see her light up!

This week has really been awesome and inspiring to see just how much the gospel means to me and how it has changed my life! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

Love you all!!!