Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 40 - Happy New Year!

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Well, Happy New Year!!

This is going to be an interesting year full of awesome stuff that is going to happen. This new year is full of lots of exciting potential. I'm happy because we have done a ton of finding since the new year started, and we had a bunch of new investigators at church after only one lesson during this past week. I love working with them and seeing the light in their eyes as they learn! And we also had a ton of recent convert and less active lessons this week, even with the holiday. (We weren't supposed to proselyte except for fixed appointments, but the truth is, there was nobody here, and those that were here were all drunk beyond imagination.) It was boring to say the least. It is nice now that holidays are over, because people are coming back, and that means that we are doing a whole lot more teaching. No Teaching, No Fun. Lots of Teaching, Lots of Fun.

And in other news, Sister B., the person that was baptized in December finally got confirmed on Sunday! It was so awesome and fun to see her receive the gift of the Holy Ghost and to see her light up!

This week has really been awesome and inspiring to see just how much the gospel means to me and how it has changed my life! I wouldn't trade it for anything!!!

Love you all!!!


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