Monday, January 19, 2015

Week 42 - Weekend in East London

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I'm still not used to this whole 2015 thing... It is a burden sometimes...

This week was just another witness that the Lord really loves his children and that He leads and guides the church! The attendance at church this week was again almost double of what it has been. It was only five less than what we had last week! We are still working hard, and hopefully we will see the number of our less actives dwindle down and die. But that just means that they are going to be active members once again! It really is amazing to see how the members rally around others and how we can really use the church as a strong point.

So other than our week being basically insane, it was really good. And throw into the mix, we had zone training and interviews on Saturday in East London. So that means that we had to leave here on Friday evening, drive two hours, then sleep over, have training, then drive back, and then right back to appointments! Crazy week, but it has been really rewarding!

Thank you everybody for keeping me in touch with what is going on back at home.

I love you all!!


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