Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 43 - Helping Some Come Back to Church

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Well, this week has been awesome! And it has been a really busy week! I love being busy. Having nothing to do stinks... I'm glad that it was a productive week. I love being a missionary. It was really amazing to see the branch function without President and Sister Wheeler. The members are capable, and when we trust them, they rise up to the bar and perform like it was second nature to them. It was also amazing to see close to the same attendance at church, but even better, our Less Active numbers are going down! It really works! People do love the gospel and they just need somebody there to tell them that they are missed, and then all the sudden, they start coming back to church and everybody is like 'We missed you. Where have you been? What can we do for you?' It is truly humbling to see the members rally around the less active and invite them back to church.

One of my Spiritual Highlights for week comes from when we were meeting with a new investigator that Brother N., the first counselor in our branch presidency, referred us to. The lesson that we had with him about the restoration and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God was really amazing. He is one of those that has definantly been prepared to hear the message of the Gospel and it is amazing to work with him!

I love the Gospel. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Xhosa for this week is "landuka". It literally means... well nothing, signal processing, I'm thinking. It is a space filler. Closest translation to English would be "um". It's a great word to say the least.

And Nate, pineapples for a dollar? That's nice, how bout the picture for nothing (courtesy of the pineapple farm).

Other news, Game parks are awesome!!! Petting Giraffes is way cool. Zebras are funny, especially the ones that think that they are photogenic.

Anyways, Till Next Week
Love You All


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