Monday, March 2, 2015

Week 48 - What is a Miracle?

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This week has been good and it has been bad at the same time. Lots of things were learned and I am very grateful for the opportunity that I had to be here. It is always interesting for me to see, especially at the end of what I think is not a very productive week, just how much work we did. This week I was feeling like it just stunk. It seemed that everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. Then when we were totalling up the stats for the week, it made me feel a little bit better about the week. I think it is really interesting just how much a little change in attitude can change your entire week. But I'm doing better now, and this week is going to be awesome!

Most of our set appointments dropped and we had to go to backup lessons or we had to go to do finding. It was hard and made me appreciate having good weeks. But I must say, it was really a rewarding week, only now that I look back on it and learn from the experience. But it ended with a huge spiritual Sunday! Fast Sundays are awesome! They are so strong and powerful, especially when we have our recent converts get up and bear testimony like they have been in the church for their whole lives. One of our recent converts said something along these lines in her testimony, "Let's not just plug in (to the gospel and the church), but let's actually turn on the plug as well." Wow, she is amazing! So many little things like that, that make life so amazing. Then to top it off, Sunday school was awesome!

One of the members of the branch presidency was leading the lesson, when he asked the question, "How would you define miracle?" That caught me way off guard. Over the course of the lesson, he showed, because one member asked why miracles had stopped, that miracles still are happening today. So I have been thinking a lot about how I would define what a miracle is and it has been really rewarding to dive into some of the examples of miracles in the scriptures. 

So the question is, Without using a dictionary or looking it up, 'How would you define what a miracle is?'

I would love to hear what everybody thinks and maybe we will have to present it to the Schmuhl uncles for what they think.

Miracles DO happen, ALL the time. All we have to do is look for them. They are all around us and they are amazing! I love being a missionary because I get to see lots of miracles in my day to day life. The Lord really does love us and wants the absolute best for us!

Love you all!


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  2. can you send this to him like in the next email? If possible? :) thanks!

    HEY! I was just on South Africa a couple weeks ago!!! Wish I could've accidentally ran into you while in Cape Town. The gospel is growing in South Africa and the members have such faith and strength, it was great to talk with them at church!! It's a amazingly beautiful place!!! Keep up the good work! The church makes us feel we have purpose and brings real happiness into our lives! Job 23:10 Is my favorite scripture! Yay missionaries! Take care!