Monday, March 9, 2015

Week 49 - Working With the Members

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This week has been AWESOME!!!! It is truly an amazing experience to be here in Port Alfred right now. I love being a missionary! As I think about what has happened this week, it is amazing to see just how much the members are growing.

It has been interesting as Elder Weber and I have started focusing more on the members that we have in the past, and not just only focus on investigators. Our members have started bonding together in ways that are truly amazing. That and we have had more referrals from the members and less actives because we have been working with them, and let me tell you, they are solid referrals. Wow, is all I have to/can say. It is amazing what working with the members can do.

For example, we have been working with Brother M., he has never been to church since I've been here. He has had several health challenges and has been in and out of the hospital. This week, he was at church!! It was really cool to see him here for the first time in a while. And we also had K. here. He was baptised about two years ago and then went right less active. So this week was the first that he had been back to church in about two years! That and he brought his WHOLE family with him. It is amazing!

So in short, things are going good here. That and speculations are running high about next week. Transfer week. So next Monday I will know where I am going (if I'm moving), but everybody and the rumour mill has started churning.

Last week was really good, and this week is only going to be better!

Love you all!!


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