Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 51 - Welcome to Paarl

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Well, this has been an interesting week. That and a crazy one at that too. Transfer week was this week, and I had to move all the way across the mission. It sucked. I don't like moving at all, but that is what we do as missionaries. But, it is all good. I am going to miss Port Alfred, but the next new adventure is about to take place.

So Paarl is awesome! Mom, you were wondering about what it looks like, think Utah! It is awesome! That and grape and olive vineyards everywhere, plus lots of old buildings. So far, so good. It is amazing.

So my companion is from America Samoa. Elder Si'ufanua is awesome and it has been a good time with him so far. But our little companionship started out as a tri-panionship. Elder Trepenier was the other one that was with him, but then we killed him... Missionaries killing other Elders. (If you don't know, killing a missionary means that he is going home, and you were the elders that were with him.) So now there are two in Paarl... But that has been really fun so far.

And then today, we hiked Lions Head here in Cape Town with our whole zone (I'll try to send pics). But it was great and fun!

In other news it turned out that my stay in Paarl is going to be spent whitewashing the area. That is scary to do. (Both elders are new to the area and know nothing about it, starting from square one in almost every aspect) It is kinda nervewracking to think that we are going to do that, but that is what we were sent there to do. Lots of potential in the area, and lots of fun on the way!

I love you all,
Till next week

(We sent him a birthday package with ties and goodies.  It got there in 6 weeks.  He said he loved the ties, but he did request that we "not to send so much chocolate. I would much rather prefer skittles or jelly beans. I think I'm more of a fruit person than a chocolate person."  We've heard this from others who served in South Africa - our American sweets get too sweet.)


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