Monday, March 30, 2015

Week 52 - Hump Day!

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Well, this is it, hump week for the mission. It is so wierd to think that this week marks the one year mark. It has been a good year so far and is looking like it is going to be a good year coming up.

Paarl is nice so far, and it has been quite an adventure. We have been white-washing the area and things are picking up quite nicely now. It is actually getting really exciting. This week was our first week at church, last week we had stake conference, and we got to finally meet all the members. We have had an awesome time so far! It really has been fun to get to work here and really start from ground zero. So far so good. We have a ton of potential work that we can do, and it is really amazing to see that the ward is wanting to jump on to the train with us as well.

Speaking of that, we have a ward! Not a branch, and it was so cool to be in a ward again. I almost forgot what being in a ward was like. It is going to be way different when I get home back to Utah and have like 200-300 people in one ward, so awesome to think about. The work is definantly moving along here and it is just getting started. I love being a missionary! I wouldn't change/trade it for the world.

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