Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 56 - Tripanionship!

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Well, this week has been a really busy week, and we have been having an insane amount of fun while we have been working hard. This week has been really amazing just to see the amount of work that is being done, especially when I felt like it wasn't that much. The Lord works in wonderful ways and helps us to fulfill all of what He expects of us.

Paarl has been great, and it is only getting better! It has been way fun, and it is going really well here. No, I'm not hinting that I'm going to be moving, in fact, just the opposite is going to be happening. I'm going to be staying with Elder Si'ufanua here in Paarl. And we are getting another to come and join us in the fun that is happening here. Elder Castro will be joining us here. He is from Portugal. So now I have two companions, one from Samoa, and the other from Portugal. So this will mark the next adventure for me. That and it will be interesting to see how the tripanionship works out. Nate just got finished with his, and he sent it my way. Funny how those things work out sometimes.

But this week is going to be great as well. We are already almost fully booked out for the week, plus a trip to Cape Town on Wednesday to go and pick up Elder Castro. Fun things are happening, and if we Pray (like Nate said) and we are OBEDIENT, things work out a lot better for us!

Life is awesome!!
Life is short, so make the best of it!


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