Monday, May 25, 2015

Week 60: Heavy Pianos

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Well, this week has been amazing compared to last week. It has really been an amazing experience. We have met so many new people and it has really been awesome, because all of them that we met were in response to a referral from one of the ward members. It has taken a lot to build a relationship of trust with the ward, but it has been worth every effort. It really is cool to see how when you work with the ward members, things get done, and they happen just the way that the Lord set them up.

I've been asked a lot about people who are getting close to get baptized. We have three that are about ready to get baptized, and many more that are in the pipeline. All of them are amazing people, and surprise, all of them were member referrals! It was really amazing to see the interaction with the members and these new investigators.

Oh, and in other news, pianos are really heavy! I think that President Ucthdorf said it best when he said, "Lift where you stand". When you follow that council, everything works, and on top of that, it is really easy to move a piano.

Winter is starting to come here! It is starting to get really cold. I love the cold, but my companions are struggling with it a little bit. But whatever, I love it. I hope everything goes well, and that everybody will enjoy this time of the year.

Love you all


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