Monday, July 27, 2015

Week 69 - Learning and Wearing out Shoes

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Well, all has not been calm here on the eastern front of the Western Cape! To start things out, we had a baptism on Sunday, we have another two projected for two weeks out, loadshedding (scheduled power outages) is starting to really get on my nerves, and now I have two companions to enjoy all the fun with!

Elder Erampidy is an awesome elder! He is from Antananarivo, Madagascar, so I'm learning the way of the Madagascans! So take that Nate, I cant be in MDG, but MDG can come to me... Who need Fort Dauphin anyways? Paarl is where it is at. What more can you want? But seriously, Paarl is awesome despite all the things that drive me nuts about it. The ward here is awesome and really open to the missionaries, and they help us a ton to move the work forward.

This week has been a good week, a week of disappointments, and a week of learning and growing. I feel like I have so much more to give after this week than I did in the past.

I know that my Heavenly Father lives, and that He wants to bless us every day! It is really amazing to me just to see how the Lord works and how much he wants us to be with our families for eternity and just how important that is to Him. I'm so impressed every day how much things are just perfect and there is really no way that all of this just came together.

I love being a servant of the Lord!! It is amazing!
Love you all!

Just retired an old pair of shoes.


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