Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 71 - Observing the Sabbath

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We had a really slow week to start off with. But we had so many member lessons this week.

We received training on how to better work with the members to get more people to join the church. It really comes from the members and the friends that they bring into the church. Missionaries are best when they are the teachers, but the members are the finders.

To top things off, our training was on how we can better observe the Sabbath Day. It was so amazing!! It really is an important thing for us to follow and obey the Sabbath. It brings so many blessings and can help us grow so much. It was really an eye opener for me to see! How we treat the Sabbath is how we really show the Lord just how much we love Him. Sunday took on a whole 'nother meaning for me this week! Keep pressing on and trust the Lord! He loves us all!!

Love you all!