Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 78- Six Months Left!

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It is weird to think that I have only 6 months left. It has been a reality that has kept coming back and slapping me in the face this week.

This week has been really good. Our area is on fire!! We have so many people that we are seeing and teaching and the work is really starting to take off!! We are launching our member lessons and they have been going really well. So many new people in the ward!! The only problem is that we have to keep up with them.

We have so many recent converts and investigators that we are struggling to keep up with our Less Actives and members. That and the ward is about to split so that is what all the hype is about now. But we don't want to start with that. We are worried about where the next two or three wards are going to come from. 

On Sunday, we decided that we were going to walk to church from the township and bring some investigators with us because they were not coming on their own. So we made a plan and enlisted some members to help us and then we started walking on Sunday morning. We started off with only 3, but by the time that we reached the chapel we had 13! And a lot of them were investigators! Church was so amazing and fulfilling after that. 

It was the first time that I have walked to church in 18 months. Having a car is such a cushy thing to have, and it really is a great blessing. It is so awesome to see the progress of the members in inviting their friends to church. That is the way that the Lord has set up missionary work, and that is the best way that we can help others come to the church!!


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