Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 80- Transfer News

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So this week was up and down. Because we watched conference last Saturday and Sunday, our week this week was garbage because we normally set all of our appointments then. But we did the best that we could with what we had. We ended up filling up our week pretty good and had a ton of lessons that we taught, and also a ton of people that we found.

The work is moving forward so much faster now, and just when the good part was happening, we got transfer news.... Let's just say, our companionship got shafted. Elder Wall got the call that he was headed off to Cape Town to go and be a district leader there, and I'm going to stay here and be the district leader here in Queenstown.

On top of that, two out of the four cars in our district are out of commission. That makes travel time way long. And some of the areas are pretty far out. We all live here in Queenstown, but then some of the elders commute to Sada (45 km away/45 min away) and some to Ilinge (22 km away/20 min away). So without cars, we struggle. We need them, especially with transfers this week, where we have to drive to East London to send the Elders out. It has been a crazy time of logistics, but it has been what it is. We are trying to do our best. 

Things are going amazing here, the work is moving forward, hopefully we will have some baptisms soon. And we are laying the foundation for the work with the ward to help them with their missionary work.
I love being a missionary!!


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