Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Week 82- Playing Taxi?!

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Well, this week has been a blast! We have had some challenges, but we overcame them. One of the biggest things that was a challenge was that we only had two cars in our district when we are supposed to have four. So that meant that my companion and I had to pay taxi service for the two Elders in Sada which is about four hours out of our proselyting day to get them there and back. I'm tired as soon as we start leaving to go there. I just wish that they get their car back soon. 

Other than that, not a whole lot has been happening other than the member missionary work that is kicking off. We have started working a lot with the members and it is awesome! Member missionary work is where it is at! I've learned that members are way better at finding people than missionaries, and that the people that they invite are way better at actually staying in the church. 

And tomorrow, we have zone training and interviews, so we are all pumped for that! I thoroughly enjoy my one on one time with President! I have the best mission president in the world! (sorry Nate :P ) So we will see what happens with this round of training. I'm so stoked for it and I'll let you all know what it is going to be like next week.


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