Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 86- Somerset West

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Well this the first from Somerset West. It is an absolutely amazing area. Right on the coast and right next to the ocean. My companion is Elder Williams from West Jordan and is getting ready to go home. But other than that, the work is pretty hard because it is a white area, so we are going to be working a lot with the members and getting them to do the family mission plan so that we get referrals from them. The ward here is awesome and is a functioning ward, and the members are nice. The only thing that could be better is if we had more people at church on a Sunday. There were only about 60 people there and it would be way better if many people come. But that is why I am here. We are going to turn it around!

Other than that, we don't have a ton of investigators, we are doing a ton of service, and church is amazing!! And the sunsets here are awesome! Once again, sunsets over the ocean are the best in the world. I love it and it makes me contemplate the beauty of the earth every night!!

Love you all!!
Till Next Week

Week 85- Headed Back To...

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Well it turns out that my time here in Queenstown is coming to an end. And it looks like I'm headed back to Cape Town.

This week was amazing!! We had so many people that we visited and so many spiritual visits with people that it was crazy. Then on Sunday, we had an awesome broadcast for the Africa South East Area, with Elders Anderson, and Runlund, President Clayton, President Cook, and Sister Esplin. They were so inspiring and it was really great to hear the council that they gave for everyone here. Basically, the jist of the council was, pay your tithing, read your scriptures, pray as a family, and keeping the commandments actually means that you have to DO something! 

It was so inspired and it will be nice to see what is the turn out of that.

In other news, I haven't started packing yet for the flight that I'm taking on Wednesday. I'm headed to Somerset West, back to Cape Town to finish out my mission. Or maybe President has something else up his sleeve for me, I Don't know, but I'll find out soon.

Enjoy the Thanksgiving Week and I Love you all
Till Next Week

Week 84- Handing Out The Book of Mormon

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Well, this week has been a week of amazing things that have been happening on this side of the world. This week has been absolutely crazy with how many people we have been seeing, and I can't help but notice that the Lord's hand is in this work with how many people we see, and how many lessons we plan for. It is amazing to be right in
the middle of it.

So transfers are coming up this next week. BUT you'll have to wait and see what is going to happen.

But I'll give you the highlight for the week. We have been working with the members in our area and getting their faith up to the point of making sharing the gospel part of their lives. The final thing we do with them is teach them how to test the promises of God. Pretty awesome stuff. Anyways, on Saturday, we had three of our youth with us
and we had an extra 15 minutes before our next appointment. So we took them with us and went to go test the promises. The goal that we had was for each of us (5) to place a copy of The Book of Mormon within 15 min. We took our youth with us, they were definitely scared, and went and did. We not only handed out five copies, we handed out seven, got two return appointments, found a less active, and all had our testimonies strengthened. It was so awesome!! I'm so excited to keep doing this! I'll have more about it in future emails.

I love this work and what it has done for me. I wish that everybody could be here and see just how much mission helps you grow.

Love You All!

Week 83- Twelve Appointments in One Day?

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Well, this week has been kinda crazy... That is an understatement to say the least. We have been so busy with all of our appointments. Some of the people we can only see once every other week. So many people to see.

Also, we had Zone Training and interviews last week. So many things were learned about how we can be better and more effective missionaries. Also, it was cool to see President Merrill invite the whole mission to repent of small things that are slowing down the work. Then in the interviews, he asked us to prepare for them by reading the talk, "Becoming a Preach My Gospel Missionary" by Elder Bednar and than to ask ourselves our question, "What lack I yet?" Such an awesome learning and growing experience. And I'm so grateful for it, because I've grown so much.

Also, we have been Testing the Promises of God this week, and it has been amazing!!! We started putting 12 appointments in one day and then we see all 12 appointments!! So awesome! So many people to share the gospel with!!!

Things are going good here in SA. The gospel continues to grow and the church is true!!
Love you all