Sunday, December 13, 2015

Week 84- Handing Out The Book of Mormon

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Well, this week has been a week of amazing things that have been happening on this side of the world. This week has been absolutely crazy with how many people we have been seeing, and I can't help but notice that the Lord's hand is in this work with how many people we see, and how many lessons we plan for. It is amazing to be right in
the middle of it.

So transfers are coming up this next week. BUT you'll have to wait and see what is going to happen.

But I'll give you the highlight for the week. We have been working with the members in our area and getting their faith up to the point of making sharing the gospel part of their lives. The final thing we do with them is teach them how to test the promises of God. Pretty awesome stuff. Anyways, on Saturday, we had three of our youth with us
and we had an extra 15 minutes before our next appointment. So we took them with us and went to go test the promises. The goal that we had was for each of us (5) to place a copy of The Book of Mormon within 15 min. We took our youth with us, they were definitely scared, and went and did. We not only handed out five copies, we handed out seven, got two return appointments, found a less active, and all had our testimonies strengthened. It was so awesome!! I'm so excited to keep doing this! I'll have more about it in future emails.

I love this work and what it has done for me. I wish that everybody could be here and see just how much mission helps you grow.

Love You All!


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